I was looking for something a bit different from the things I’d made before, something loose, flowy and pretty.  After some searching around for inspiration I found the True Bias Roscoe pattern.

This pattern difficulty level is described as 2 out of 5 so I reckoned I could give that a go!

I chose a drapey viscose fabric, something I hadn’t much experience of sewing with before, and I love it!  My dog, Ernie, was also impressed

 I don’t normally go for pink, but it’s good to have a change.

I traced out the pattern so I can re-use the original and if I get the sizing wrong I can easily start again.  I based my size choice on the bust measurement, as it’s such a loose style I felt sure it would still be OK on the waist and hips.  I have seen some people say they needed to go down a couple of sizes, but it all depends what fit you are after.  Ernie helped hold the pattern still when I was ready to start cutting out the pieces.

Assembly instructions were really clear.  The neck ties are a bit fiddly to attach, but the method worked.  I stuck to the instructions exactly except I decided to use French seams.

The blouse has turned out really well.  I have worn it with jeans and with denim shorts and it’s exactly the flowy, Boho style I was looking for.  I am considering making the dress version next.

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