Following on from the Josie blouse,  I tried making another style from Experimental Space – the Evelyn blouse.   This is a short-sleeved blouse with a front panel detail,  collar and cutouts in the sleeves.

I chose this cotton poplin with a parasol print.   It was a remnant,  and I barely had enough.   Some compromising pattern placement got me through!


The first stage is to make the front detail and attach it to the front bodice.   As with the Josie,  it’s vital to follow the instructions precisely and to press,  press,  press.   The pattern calls for 2 rows of topstitching here and my topstitching is a bit ropey at the best of times.   Hopefully it looks OK as I got a good colour match on my thread.

Next up,  French seams to join the front and back before adding the collar.

The next job is the sleeves.   This is a bit fiddly to make sure to create the cutout in the sleeve.   There is a facing layer,  too,  which you need to sew from the outside as –  you’ve guessed – more topstitching!   I was pretty pleased the result;  it is certainly not perfect but it does the job.

Finally it has to be hemmed.   It was a bit long so I shortened it by about an inch before hemming.   Et voilà!   The Evelyn blouse is complete.

This blouse brought me some new techniques again,  but was not too difficult.   As I mentioned before,  the sizing from Experimental Space works really well for me,  allowing plenty of room in the bust without bulk at the waist.   I would make more of this style – if you give it a go I’d love to see pictures!

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