Today I went to The Little Craft House in Saltaire to try my hand at 2 new skills – freemotion embroidery and lampshade making.

Seeking inspiration…

After a magical mystery tour to Saltaire courtesy of my satnav, I joined the workshop.  Led by artist Sarah Seven, the workshop was a test bed with just 2 of us attending.

Sarah brought all the kit we needed, and our first task was to find materials and ideas. It wasn’t long before I found some bird print fabric and the ideas started to flow.

Building an idea

Having selected fabric and yarn, it was time to lay the materials out to create a design for the lampshade.

Practising freemotion embroidery

The next step was to practise freemotion embroidery.  It is so different to sewing a garment.  You can sew in any direction, any shape – a bit like drawing with sewing machine.  I found it tricky at first, but as the day progressed I started to feel more comfortable with it, if a bit inaccurate!

Sewing the design

After a couple of hours’ effort we walked to the village bakery to pick up lunch, then returned to the sewing machines to finish up this stage.

The finished design

Next it was time to construct the lampshade.  It’s a fiddly job that required teamwork to achieve to create the shade ‘drum.’  With careful adhesion and specific placing of the rings, we had lampshades!

It was a shame that the pre-measured fabric was slightly out as this meant we both lost the top of our designs.  However I learned 2 new skills and had a fantastic day with a couple of lovely people.

You can find Sarah on Instagram at @sevenhandsdesigns

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