It’s been so long since I added a blog.  I haven’t had much to share.  I made a top, did a few repairs but didn’t feel like I would blog about these.

I decided to try eco printing.  This is using plants to print onto fabric or paper.  Having read a few blogs and watched some tutorials I wanted to just have a go.  I had this muslin in my stash so started with that.

I cut 2 pieces as my husband wanted to join in.  We picked some plants from the garden in readiness for using the hammer method.

Having assembled what we needed we laid out the plants on the fabric.

The next step was to fold the fabric over.  If you didn’t want to duplicate the print across the fabric you could lay a sheet of plastic over it.  Then it’s hammer time!

It soon became apparent that muslin isn’t great for this method.  I quickly bashed holes into it.  Once the hammering is done, it’s time to remove the plants.

At this stage the colours looked amazing!  We then placed the fabric into a water and white vinegar solution to encourage the plant colour to fix.

We let it soak for a good hour or so, then rinsed.

It was disappointing that the red from the sorrel and the blue from the lavender both turned brown, but overall we were happy with the results.  There are several techniques to explore which could give better results.  I really enjoyed doing this, and wonder if I could combine this with sewing and making some truly unique items.

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