Darn it, these tights have a hole!

Last winter I accidentally tore a hole in a pair of thick, patterned tights.  As they were fairly expensive I thought I would darn them.

That’s what I thought last winter, as I added them to the perpetual pile of things to mend.

As I self-isolate, I find I have periods where I want to do things and periods where I can’t concentrate.  During a period of wanting to do something I decided now was the time to darn my tights.  All I had to do was learn to darn!

Last year I bought a copy of Kerstin Neumuller’s ‘Mend and Patch’.  Guided by this book, I had attempted a sashiko repair on some jeans, which gave an untidy but functional result.

Having bought a vintage darning mushroom and needles in a moment of enthusiasm just before the first lockdown, I read the chapter on darning.

I tucked the darning mushroom into the tights and began.  I reasoned that since the hole is at thigh height, the repair is unlikely to be visible to anyone so if I could just get some more wear out of them that would be good enough.

I only had green yarn , but I actually quite liked the idea of using one that doesn’t match.  The instructions in the book were easy to follow.  I was surprised how easily I managed to darn the hole.

It isn’t the tidiest piece of sewing in the world, but I am pretty pleased with it as a first attempt.  The important thing for me was to take it slowly.  My natural impatience means this could have been disastrous, but I popped an audio book on BBC Sounds and just took my time.  I will definitely do this again.

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