3 years ago, my husband bought me this pair of hand made Eribe gloves whilst on holiday in Scotland.  They are remarkably warm, no doubt due to the deep cuff working to keep my pulse points warm.

Regular wear has left them becoming fragile around the thumbs.  A previous attempt to make a repair (see green threads) has failed.

I have a few scraps of old jumpers, and luckily had a piece that was a reasonable colour match.

I was able to take small scraps and create new thumb pieces over the originals. Knowing my hand stitching isn’t always great I used a blanket stitch – if the stitches are going to show I will make a feature of them!

A hole in the hand part of the gloves could possibly have been darned, but I felt that for neatness and strength I would patch it instead.

And so, in the last day of winter my gloves are ready for the arrival of a chilly Yorkshire spring.

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