I think we all know that the fashion industry tends not to be a place of tolerance for difference.  Today I read an article in The Guardian newspaper supplement that my husband and I discussed with horror for long enough that I decided to write about it here.

Jess Cartner-Morley has a long-running column in The Guardian’s Saturday magazine.  Typically she’ll give a run-through of a specific garment or style that some fashionista or other has determined to be de rigueur.


An article about summer trousers.  Seems harmless enough, right?  This article subscribes to the very heart of what makes the fashion industry successful – making women feel inadequate, lacking worth, JUDGED.


What, in the name of trousers, are “the linen shirt classes”?  What kind of new class division are we seeing here?  Not enough to judge on existing class divisions, but here is a new way to judge – by the wearing of a linen shirt?

This is exactly the reason that I haven’t read ‘women’s magazines’ for a good 20 years or more.  This incessant telling women they have the wrong height, waist size, bust size, hair length, makeup brand, skin tone, clothing, house, job, family choices…. it has to stop.

Getting distance from such judgement and negativity is one reason I sew.  I am sick and tired of never finding clothes I like, nor that fit, because I don’t conform to what styles, shapes and sizes are deemed fashionable at any given time.  So I say to you – free yourself.  Learn to sew.  Get a book out of the library and just try.  It’s got to be better than subscribing to the attitudes magazines and articles like this embody.

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