I haven’t blogged for a while, mainly because I haven’t sewn for a while.  I lost my sewing mojo – a sewjo if you will.

Sure, I spent hours scrolling fabric seller websites but when it came to actually focusing on DOING something, nothing happened.

My best friend has an uncanny knack for giving the right gift at the right time, and for my birthday she gave me a sewing kit.


This kit featuring designs by Sarah Young can be used as a tea towel, cushion, toy, doorstop, picture – anything you want.

Given that some of my fabric scrolling was fuelled by wanting to replace some cushion covers, turning the kit into cushions was an obvious choice.

So after a further couple of weeks of procrastination, I got onto it.

I cut out the pieces and pinned as instructed, leaving a gap for stuffing.  Then it was time to sew.

Then turning the right way in!  This was easy for Oswald Owl, but Hester Hare was a greater challenge.  I used a chopstick to push the long, curved ear into shape.

I used a recycled, cotton stuffing.  Again, the chopstick was invaluable for stuffing Hester’s ear!

I then hand-sewed the openings with an invisible stitch.

Here are Oswald and Hester on my office chair.  I think they’ll brighten up working from home.  Oh, and I finally ordered some fabric, so maybe I have got my sewjo back!


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