After making the Roscoe Blouse  I decided to try the dress.

I chose another viscose, this time an Art Gallery Fabrics Okeo Tex in Night Sky.  I started out with giving it a wash. Why?  To allow for any initial skrinkage before I started.

Next stop – pattern.  I traced out the original True Bias pattern, pinned and cut.  I always find starting cutting out really nerve-wracking, and end up triple checking it all before I start!

The first cut is the hardest!

Sewing it up

I followed the instructions pretty much as described.  I used French seams as I prefer this finish.  I also decided not to do neck ties, but added a button instead.

Topstitching the neck

The main addition that makes the dress is the addition of a ruffle at the bottom hem.  This is not a complex process, but sewing a long length of ruffle onto a long length of straight fabric turned out to be a lot fiddler than I expected.  Despite 3 attempts I simply could not get the side seams of the ruffle and dress matched up.  If I make this again I will add the ruffle sections to the front and back panels before sewing the side seams in one go.

Final touches

Slipstitching the neck and sleeve bindings

I opted to hand sew the inside of the neck and sleeve bindings.  I used a basic slipstitch.  My hand sewing isn’t the greatest, but my mum taught me slipstiching for hems, and I find it’s a really handy stitch.  The real benefit is that you can’t see it on the outside, which gives a nice finish.

The finished binding – nothing to see, here!

The finished dress is much longer than I expected, almost maxi.  However, I have always like long, flowy dresses.  It’s very loose as well, and a bit much for someone short like me.  So I made a simple tie belt with some of the leftover fabric.  The fabric makes this such a soft and floaty dress, I expect to get plenty of wear out of it.



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