Do you have projects that you never seem to get round to finishing?  I have lots!  This is one – a Christmas decoration cross-stitch.

I was given this Scandinavian – style kit as a present several years ago.  I never got round to it as I haven’t learned embroidery and just failed miserably to prioritise it.

I started it about 14 months ago, with intention of making it for last Christmas.  When I ran out of time I assured myself it would be a, quick job to finish, then I could hang it up this Christmas instead.

I picked it up again last month, and got the cross-stitch finished before Christmas, but not the assembly.

I set myself a new deadline, to have it done by New Year’s Eve.  With a final push I cut the shape out, stuffed and sewed it.  It is a long way from being a tidy job, but it’s done.  It’s not my usual choice of project but I am pleased to have done it.

Tackling something that has been hanging around for a while feels good.  Perhaps 2021 will be a year of completed projects – will it be for you?

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