Last weekend it was a friend’s birthday and she is a real beer aficionado.  I know nothing about beer so my husband went out and selected her a few craft brews.

I was considering how to wrap them, and thought it would be more environmentally friendly to make a tote bag to pop them in.

I didn’t use a pattern, I just cut a couple of squares of heavy cotton fabric and some strips for handles.  My friend is petite so the handles are fairly short to make it easier to carry and keep off the ground.

It felt like a more personal touch to select some fabric for my friend and make a bag up for her beers.   I topstiched the hem with a pink zigzag stitch just for something different.

There’s plenty of room for beer in there, and it’s strong enough to reuse.

She seemed really pleased with the bag – and the beer!  It’s well worth making something like this for presents, and so much better than wrapping paper that often can’t be recycled.

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